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Saturday, September 28, 2013

20mm Modern 'UN' forces.

I've mentioned my 20mm Modern UN forces in passing blog posts for some of my modern miniature games, but never really posted pics of the forces in their entirety.

These UN forces make great additions to my games as peacekeepers and such; delivering convoys of food and aid, manning a road checkpoint, or just trying to keep the peace in a troubled neighborhood.

The forces are composed of a variety of vehicles and trucks that one might expect to be found around the world.  I think the troops I painted were generic Russian infantry with AK-47's and light gear, painted with the typical light blue beret to distinguish them as peacekeepers.


The sum total of my United Nations (UN) forces.

Here's some of the peacekeepers themselves.  I had the extra 1/72nd scale Russian plastic infantry figures, so why not paint them up and put them to some good use.

Here's a modified Corgi Humvee and an M113.  Note the 'UN' flag on the M113. 

Here's some repainted Matchbox Landrover 4x4's.

More repainted Matchboxes, this time Ford Expedition SUV's.

 The 'UN' version (left) of the armed Humvee (right) to help with convoy security & protection.

Side by side view of the same Forces of Valour 1/72nd scale M113.  For the 'UN' conversion, the side 'baggage' and cages was removed and saved.  The armor and blast shield around the gunner position was removed.  The antennae was re-purposed for the UN flag.  Some of the removed baggage was added back to the top of the vehicle.

Here are my UN forces in action, escorting a convoy of food through an Iraqi neighborhood.

At this point in the game, a US squad and Humvee from a road checkpoint rushes to the rescue of the UN convoy being overrun by Jihadist's.


  1. Wow great work, what company makes the apc?

  2. Thanks for the kind comments. The M113 APC is one of the Forces of Valour 1/72 M113's. They made a mostly diecast vehicle and a plastic only vehicle. Either one would work. See the third picture from the bottom with the description to see how I modified the original model for the UN version.

    1. Very nice, I have started a zombie project in 1/72, I don't have the money or space to keep using 28mm

  3. Hello, It sounds like we are doing the same thing. I currently game in 28mm Zombies, but am working on terrain and miniatures for 1/72nd (20mm) Zombie games. Drop me an email and lets share some information.

  4. If you know yahoo, you can find me there. dglennjr@

  5. I know this post is a couple of years old but Wow....amazing work and a very clever way of building a force. Thanks for sharing