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Saturday, September 28, 2013

20mm Modern UK Landrover Snatch

Since there's been some interest in my 20mm UK modern vehicles, I'll show you how I did it as a semi-tutorial.  You may need to fill in some of the blanks in between steps. This technique can really be used to convert any of your favorite die-cast vehicles into a usable military vehicle.

The First is the Modern UK Landrover Snatch.  I got tired of trying to find one online and in stock, so I decided to make some myself. (Of course, having more time than money on hand helps as well.)

Materials: Matchbox vehicle, appropriate paint, white glue, super glue or plastic's glue, paper towel (Bounty, etc..), plasticard or styrene sheet, plastic rod (about 1/16" diameter), balsa wood, Granny plastic mesh, x-acto knife, and a dremel with cutoff wheel.

 Step 1:
The vehicle build begins with a Matchbox Landrover Sport. (There are several colors to choose from, but it doesn't really matter since it will be painted.)
 Step 2:
Disassemble the vehicle cutting around the rivets on the bottom of the vehicle.  This makes it soooo much easier and cleaner to work on and paint.
Step 3:
(A) Using the dremel, remove the top portion of the cab of the Landrover and sand flat.  
(B) Cut a sizable hole in the plastic windshield assembly.
(C) Remove the rear 'spare wheel' from the black plastic frame assembly and save for future use.
(D) With the dremel, remove the exhaust vent on the left side front hood of the vehicle.  

Step 4:
Plastic card or styrene (I use spent gift cards, credit cards, and/or sample cards sent in the mail) can be used to 'box' in the rear, sides and top of the Landrover snatch.  The roof-top framed/armored firing position is large enough for the bases of my 20mm figures to fit into.  I glued a 'platform' to the top of the inside truck frame to give a more suitable firing platform for the miniature to rest. Keep the vehicle disassembled until the final painting is complete before gluing the assemblies together.

Step 5:
(A) The rear panel has lines scribed into it with an x-acto knife for the rear access door and panels.
(B) A piece of balsa wood was added to the top to complete the firing position.
(C) Using the plastic rod, a new exhaust vent was created to be glued to the right side hood position. (To simplify the process, you could leave the molded on exhaust stack on the left side.)   My plastic rod is actually a section of leftover plastic sprue.  Using a candle, I heat the sprue over the flame (not in the flame) until soft and can be gently stretched apart into a thinner plastic rod of the needed diameter.  I continue to heat and bend the center section to the appropriate angle, and then cut it to fit.  Glue the section to the body. 

Step 6:
The vehicle is primed.  The Body with a sand color and the base with black.   Paper towel/tissue has been cut to fit over the sides, rear and top as shown.  Then, brush watered-down glue onto the tissue, and glue to the vehicle. Smaller tissue panels were cut for the two doors and done the same way.  Apply another coat of paint to turn the tissue into a canvas/netting covering. 

Step 7:
To finish the vehicle, I cut some of the plastic granny mesh to fit the front and side windows and across the front grill. 
Step 8:
The last step is to glue the final assemblies together. 
Step 9:
I still have to finish stenciling the vehicle, but that is coming shortly.  
Here's a couple of pictures showing what I was building from.

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  1. This is SO good! I will never pass up a Lesney Land Rover from now on. Thanks for sharing this