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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Rebel Forces...from the many factions across the galaxy.

Here are some of my 25mm metal, West End games 'Rebellion' figures:

My squad of Mon Calamari Soldiers.  

Since WEG only had 2 poses, I modified a few of them.  On the left, I added a heavy blaster rifle under the arm.  In the center, I slung a rifle over the shoulder.  The two on the right had their blaster pistols removed and a blaster rifle added.

...And then there were Wookies! 

My typical Rebel forces in the light blue/tan scheme, as seen in Episode IV. 

The Rebels need a heavy Repeating Blaster! 

Here's another squad of elite rebel troopers from the Crimson Battalion.  

For those arid planets, I have a squad of Rebel troopers in Desert Camouflage with an armed speeder for support. 

I thought the 5-color camouflage came out rather well.  

"I never want to paint dots on camouflage again!" 

"Rebel pilots...to you ships!" 

Where would the rebellion be without their droids? 


  1. I actually was just working on my Starwars mini's. I have a large Imperial Force and a smaller Clone Trooper army. I was going on miniature market and looking to get a Rebel force to do some scenarios. What system were you planning to use? I was going to use Savage Showdown, many of the units have already be created by a fan.

  2. For most skirmish level games, I use Star Wars Miniatures Battles (West End Games)

    For the future, larger battles, I am planning on using the FUBAR rules, Star Wars Supplement. It's a really fast paced KISS type of game, somewhat similar to Brother Against Brother that I use for the ACW games.

  3. Where do you get the WEG models from?

  4. I started buying them when they were still in production. (Yes, I'm getting that old.) Others have been purchased online through ebay and such. You can still find them. I have some still in the blister packs and probably will never get to them. Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?