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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Force is Stong with the Jedi.

Here is a collection of my metal Jedi Knights.  Most are from the West End Games miniatures line, but there a a couple which are customized metal figures from other manufacturers. Of course, with the WOTC plastic figures, I have a lot more Jedi now.

Here are the Jedi in all their glory.  

And here are a few more Jedi. 
I tried to customized enough 'Lukes' so that I had him in each outfit worn in Episodes IV-VI. (I have Tatooine Luke, Luke in Landspeeder, Luke with lightsaber on the Millenium Falcon, Luke in Stormtrooper armor, Luke in Rebel Pilot Suit, Luke in Hoth Gear and lightsaber, Luke on Tauntawn, Luke in Snowspeeder, Luke in Bespin Outfit, Luke in Black Jedi outfit,  and Luke in Endor Camouflage. Whew.  He changes more than a Vegas showgirl.)

These Jedi are all modifications from other figures. 

Here are a couple of the other Jedi modifications.

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