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Saturday, July 25, 2020

15mm American Revolution Project: Artillery

With a resurgence into the American Revolution, I have dusted off my unpainted 15mm AWI forces and started to paint them.  Up first are all of the artillery for the main combatants: Continental, French, British, and Hessian. 

Here's the complete artillery painted to date, including guns, crew, artillery limbers, and wagons. 

The Hessian artillery have the Yellow guns.  The Hessian artillerists are dressed in blue jackets with white vests and trousers.  The French artillery have the sky blue guns.  The French artillerists are dressed in navy blue jackets with red vests and trousers.     

The British artillery have the red guns.  The British artillerists will be dressed in blue jackets with red trim and white trousers.  The Continental artillery have a variety of colored guns including olive green, brown, and gray.  The Continental artillerists will be dressed in a variety of colored outfits.  Some in jackets of navy blue, black, and browns. 

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  1. I guess it's only five=and-a-bit-years to the next big anniversary, so there will be a slow ramping-up of interest in the subject? I hope we get some new plastics!