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Sunday, September 30, 2012

AWI/ACW 28mm Brick Building Find @ Antique Store

I'm always browsing through flea markets, thrift stores, and antique stores as you never know what you might find that is perfect for miniatures gaming, but was not created for that purpose.  I recently found this one for $4 and bought it so I didn't violate my rules of Acquisition.
(Rule #1: Buy it when you see it, because when you come back to get it, it will be gone.) 
As it states on the bottom of the house:
"The Little House Where We Began.  This is a handcrafted replica of the Heinz family homestead designed for you to file your favorite Heinz recipes.  The house is made basswood and silk-screened by hand. " 
I did a quick search and you can find these for sale on eBay and such.
Here are some 28mm ACW figures for scale. The style of house will fit in fine with the AWI through the ACW and beyond.  You could add additional details if you wish, but I'm leaving it as is and spend that extra time on other terrain projects.  Though, as I can't leave 'good enough alone', I'll probably end up adding some shingles to the roof made from cereal box cardboard.   

The cool feature is that the roof is removable and you can fit a whole squad of 10 figures inside (if mounted on 1" bases.) 

This building will be put to good use in upcoming black powder skirmish games. I'll bet you that the creators at the Heinz company never thought the recipe box would be fought over by small metal miniature soldiers.

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