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Monday, July 16, 2012

20mm, 1983 Grenada/Cuba Moderns Project

Once again, I have been busy painting and flocking as of late. Here are my latest 20mm metal Cuban soldiers ready for assignment on the Island of Grenada. They are a mix of 20mm Stan Johansen Miniatures and some other metal miniature cubans.

 This is a unit of Cuban workers that have been trained to use weapons for 'self defense'. These men were responsible for the construction of the Point Salines Airstrip on Grenada.

 This is a unit of Cuban Revolutionaries.  They are ready to defend their position against any hostile invader to the Island of Grenada.

Here's another unit of Cuban Infantry, well trained and well armed for 'defense'.

The last miniatures are a couple of the Russian "Advisers" assisting the Cuban work crews.  It certainly looks like the officer on the right has a map of the Point Salines Airport on the southwest corner of the Island of Grenada.  These miniatures are from Stan Johansen Miniatures.


  1. Watch Heartbreak Ridge about 5 times before you run a game at a con....

  2. You mean, 5 more times, in addition to the 100+ times I've already seen it? Not that it was difficult, but I think I know most of the lines by now.

    I should have also posted this link for the most complete book on the Grenada Invasion.


    It deals with all of the logistics of the war (sometimes very dry), but also a good description of all of the operations on the island. Many of the scenes you see in Heartbreak Ridge really happened in some form or another, but not all to the same unit.