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Monday, July 16, 2012

Falkland Islands: Argentinean Forces, 20mm modern

I don't have any 'real' Argentinean miniatures, but these will have to do for now.  They can also double as Cuban elite/marines for a future Grenada game or any other modern, Central or South American disturbance that I create.  The metal miniatures are part of the 'Merc' line of miniatures from Stan Johansen Miniatures.

Since my AA7V, from Dragon Models, doesn't have any US markings on it, it is on loan to the Argentinean forces to patrol Goose Green or any other small Falkland hamlet.  I still need to find at least one AML-90 Panhard Armored Car for the Argentineans' use .

We'll call these 'Echo' Company.  They have a typical olive drab uniform, web gear, blue berets, and a mix of weapons.  They can easily serve with just about any army, including Argentina, Cuba, Russia, and even the U.N.

 A close up of the 'Blue Berets'.

We'll call these 'Foxtrot' Company. They have a typical 3-color, tiger stripe camo uniform, olive green web gear, black berets, and a mix of weapons. I thought it was just a cool camo scheme and came out good for 20mm figures.

 A close up of the 'Black Berets'.

 We'll call these 'Gamma' Company. They have a typical 4-color, Russian camo uniform, olive green web gear, green berets, and a mix of weapons.  Again, they will serve proudly under some unfortunate dictator.

 A close up of the 'Green Berets'.


  1. neat,

    Model Miniature has released The Panhard AML-90 in 1:72 scale.


  2. Thanks for the intel. I also found a plastic kit here: http://modelsua.com/search.php?mode=search&page=1

  3. Hi, visit my site for falkland mini´s www.signiferminiatures.webs.com


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