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Friday, January 25, 2013

Japanese/Samurai Era Village-Part 1.

Here I go again.  I've agreed to build another village for a gaming friend. Though, I am getting some good 20mm miniatures in trade.

This time the theme is Feudal Japan and the age of the Samurai.  The task is to create a village in the general style and size for a skirmish war game.

Some Inspirational Pictures:

Here's the Plan:
  • Large House
  • Shinto Temple & Gate
  • Small House
  • Barn
  • Shed
  • Bell Tower (Storm/Danger Warning)
  • Water Well
  • Wood fences & gate(s)
  • Plastered stone walls & gate(s)
  • Rice Field
  • Vegetable Field
  • Bridge
  • ...and possibly more if time permits.
Here are some pictures of the progress.

Large House
Most of the construction is basswood and Foamcore board.  the base is made from 1/8" mdf board with sanded/rounded edges by a router.
 The raised floor is done.
 The walls are cut and in position.
 The trim is proceeding and the porch wood columns and beams are built.
The wood siding is added in places for a variety of texture. The white portions will be plastered. 
Shinto Shrine/Priest Quarters
The columns and beams are in place. 
The wood floor is done and a ladder is built.  

The Shinto Shrine Entry is built.  


 The wall frame is mostly scrap basswood.  Next up is to add the wood siding and the roof.

Bell Tower

The tower is finished, again, out of scrap bass wood. the three main columns are left over chopsticks from the local Chinese take-out.  (A good use for bamboo.)  It will get used more throughout the project.

The bell is a piece left-over from a ruined Christmas ornament. It actually can ring.

...to be continued in Part 2. (coming soon!)

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