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Monday, August 6, 2012

20mm Modern MCV-80 UK Warrior

In order to compliment my detachment of modern British soldiers for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan 20mm games, I have finally completed two Warriors (1/72 plastic kits).  Now I can move some of the British troops around the table-top in Armored Style.

 I painted one up in typical desert/invasion colors.  The other I painted with an interesting camouflage pattern based on an existing Warrior picture I found.  I still have to add some highlighting to both pieces.  

 To make things a little bit more interesting, I've been toying with the idea of using the plastic canvas material (10 squares per inch) to make inexpensive RPG skirts.  There aren't many commercially available options and they are usually made from etched metal and run a small fortune to buy.
I simply cut out the appropriate shapes, and removed some of the vertical ribs (this is the most time consuming part of the process) to give it the horizontal lines that most RPG skirts have.  One sheet cost me $0.99, and should be able to provide enough skirting for all of my vehicles. Look at some existing photographs. (see below)

An existing MCV-80 Warrior in Iraq.

I cut a total of 6 pieces of RPG skirting...one for each side, one for the rear, one for the front, and one for each side of the turret. I added short pieces of square plastic styrene strip to the back of the skirting so that it was offset from the hull by about 3/32". (except for the front piece.)
Side View

 The other side.

 The rear.

The front.

Overall, I like the addition of the skirting and may have to add some to my U.S. vehicles.

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