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Sunday, March 25, 2012

28mm ACW raid into North Florida/South Georgia

Here are some pictures of a recent 28mm ACW game we ran on March 22, 2012.

The Battlefield from the north end. 

The Battlefield from the south end. 

The brown house on the hill. (It was spared from the horrors of war, this night.)

A small, rebel held hamlet in North Florida.

I thought the sunlight over the field was cool, so I took a picture.

A rocky outcropping in one corner, at the request of one of our games. (The rocks are real rocks, stacked up with some trees and lichen added.) Looks pretty good to me.

The Confederate line opens withering volley on the Union blue-bellies coming up the road. (Excuse the unfinished ACW troops.  I've got about 300 of about 500 that are in various stages of painting and detailing.)

A Union squad charges out across an open area  (mistake #1) against waiting rebels behind light cover. (mistake #2)

Confederate troops attempt to hold the wheat field fence line against the attacking Union troops.

Three companies of the 2nd USCT advance down the road from the right.

A rebel artillery battery is brought to the middle of the wheat field.  Due to some orderly withdrawls by the rebels in the center, the battery would be withdrawn as well to a second line of fences.

Some Georgia Militia enter the table and form up on the confederate right.

Three Union companies march at the double-quick down the road and encounter the rebel militia.

Both sides exchange volley's with each other.

The Union boys take a couple of casualties, but the militia takes a deafening fire that drastically dwindles their ranks.

One more volley by the Union left forces the Georgia Militia to 'Skeedaddle' off the field. The Rebels who had reformed in the center and the town, prepare to withdraw off the table after their artillery battery is silenced due to effective and deadly accurate Union musket fire.

The dice gods simply weren't with the Confederate forces this night.  

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